Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Cordless Hot Glue Gun

If you’re looking to up your crafting game, look no further than a cordless hot glue gun! Yes, they do exist! I had been tethered to an electric outlet my whole crafting life until my birthday this year when Sam and my father-in-law, Mark, teamed up to give me this amazing craft-changing gift. It’s only a matter of time before I make myself a holster for this and start wearing a cowgirl hat 🙂

If you frequently do time-intensive projects, it’s worth getting a back up battery

The Ryobi Glue Gun P305 is powerful, easy to use, and charges insanely fast, which makes it perfect for professional and hobby crafters. Once the gun heats up, the glue is fully melted, so no more thick bumps on the materials you are attaching together. You also don’t need to race furiously to adhere your items when the glue hits room temperature, but that can be a drawback at the same time ~ the glue gets very, very hot (much hotter than a normal plug-in gun) and therefore takes a little longer to set up. If you are someone who typically uses your finger to smooth down the hot glue or wipe away excess, I recommend that you STOP DOING THAT!! I didn’t think I had much feeling left in my fingertips from years of hot glue burns, but boy oh boy does this melted glue take burns to a new level. I figured out very quickly NOT to use my fingers to wipe away glue from the Ryobi. As a side note, if you do give yourself a small burn, make a baking soda and water paste and smear on the rapidly-forming blister. Let it dry and flake off. The swelling and pain will be virtually gone!

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