Fire Tiles

Fire Tiles

So, Make It Monday is a BIG hit this summer! Of all the days on our summer fun schedule, this is the one the kids most look forward to. Guess I passed along my crafty gene to them 🙂 They are at great ages (almost 8 and almost 6) to try some of the more difficult or involved crafts, which I think is what draws them to crafting. Ava still enjoys the usual construction paper, glue, stickers projects, but Eli not so much. When I told them the next Make It Monday project involved markers, tiles, alcohol, and fire, they were all on board!! This project is something you can definitely do with younger kids, as long as the adult is handling the alcohol and fire.

Materials needed:

  • Sharpie markers
  • Glossy white tiles (8 cents at Home Depot!!)
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol (MUST be at least 91%!)
  • Small pipette or medicine dropper
  • Lighter
  • Fast dry spray polyurethane
  1. Color the tiles with Sharpies. I suggest picking 3-4 coordinating colors. You want to color the tiles so there is little to no white showing. Keep in mind, the alcohol is going to blend the lines, so detailed drawings won’t remain intact.
  2. Use a dropper to put small drops of alcohol on the tile. Be patient! The drops will blend the sharpie marker colors together. If you use too much, the colors will spill over the tiles and it will wash everything out. IF that happens or you don’t like the mixed colors, simply wash the tile off at this point and start over!
  3. After you’ve put the alcohol on the tile and like the design, light it on fire! Seriously! 🙂 The fire will burn off the alcohol and in the process, create a new design with the colors! If the fire takes away color or you don’t like the design, you can either wash the tile clean and start over, or fill in the places you don’t like with Sharpie marker, drop more alcohol on it, and light on fire again.
  4. Spray the tiles with polyurethane to seal the design and use as coasters! If you don’t seal the tile, the design will wipe off when touched. You HAVE to seal it!
Tile with Sharpie marker colors before alcohol added
Alcohol added and lit on fire

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